Rather than keeping all of the details of the campaign hidden in my various notebooks and squishy brain, I’m going to try and catalog the setting using this website.

I will do my best to update each entry with information related in-game, but be sure to keep your own notes! I forget easily and by no means do I plan on transcribing every detail I narrate.

That being said, I also want to exercise my story-telling in this space and will therefore write details and history on different articles that may or may not be narrated or uncovered in-game.

If you want to spend the time to read the details I write, it may very well serve your character in the campaign. ;]
(Using general history/facts/etc I record on this site will not usually count as meta gaming as it is assumed that your character is generally aware of the world around them)

A good place to start in the Wiki is the campaign’s namesake Kuralyste